What Makes The Game Towel So Speical?
Chess and Checkers

Enjoy timeless games at the beach with our water-resistant, flat wooden chess and checker pieces. Conveniently stored in a drawstring mesh bag, they're ready for fun wherever your adventures take you.

High Quality Beach Towel

Dive into comfort with our plush beach towel, made from 100% cotton and sized at 80cm X 160cm. Wrap it up easily with the handy elastic strap for ultimate convenience.

Zippered Pocket

Boost your beach game with our spacious zippered pocket, perfect for storing valuables and game pieces with ease and efficiency, ensuring you never miss a moment of fun in the sun.

Inflatable Pillow

Elevate your lounging experience with The Game Towel's innovative self-inflating pillow. Simply pump it up and tuck it into the pocket for comfort, ensuring you relax in style during your adventures.

Meet the Chief Game Officers

As game-loving entrepreneurs who cherish the outdoors, Stav and Mady noticed a gap while traveling: too much screen time, not enough nature. Inspired, they created The Game Towel to bring people together outside, away from screens.

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