Our Story

In a world increasingly dominated by screens, the urge to reconnect with one another and the real world has never been stronger. Driven by their passion for gaming, Madyson Rabie and Stav Goldenberg embarked on a journey to revolutionize the beach towel and create screen free fun. The Game towel is an innovative blend of entertainment and practicality. Offering a dual gaming experience with Chess and Checkers, this innovative towel doubles as a fully functional beach essential. Say goodbye to sandy or wet valuables with our intelligently crafted spacious pocket. Plus, our inflatable pillow is designed to fit snugly inside the pocket, promising to enhance your lounging experience. Join us in redefining beach fun and creating experiences that encourage face-to-face interactions and shared moments.

Meet Stav!

Meet Stav Goldenberg, Co-Founder of The Game Towel! As a passionate board game lover, I've merged my love for outdoor adventures with creating memorable gaming experiences. Join me in fostering connections and bringing people closer together through the power of board games. Connect with me on Instagram :)

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Meet Mady!

Meet Madyson Mykel Rabie, Co-Founder of The Game Towel! As a passionate outdoor enthusiast with a background in PR and marketing, I've combined my love for beach games with creating unforgettable experiences. Join me in transforming the beach into a canvas for lasting memories and connections. Connect with me on Instagram!!

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